Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Frames on Life Without Andy - LWA

Isn’t Facebook a lovely tool? After we posted a shoot by 
Emanuele Ferrari on social media, he commented back saying thankyou – and being a man of good manners, we reached out to him to host this week’s edition of Frames.

Boasting over 210,000 followers on his Instagram account, Emanuele has captured some of the world’s most beautiful women with his raw and natural approach to photography. His unforgettable images have been displayed everywhere from GQ to HighSnobiety, while he also holds it down as the Art Director at Nextdoormodel Magazine.
Emanuele grew up in the Roman hills, dividing his time between football and photography. Eventually choosing the latter as his profession, he describes himself as “a dreamer” and “a bit crazy.”
“When I have a photoshoot, I am telling a story through my eyes, my mind and my camera… My camera is like a girlfriend, it’s not just an object. It’s something alive,” he says.
Have a look below, and be prepared to fall in love at least seven times: